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Custom Curved Molding: Brilliance in Design

Say goodbye to sectional molding - our patented curved molding is here!

Many home interiors present unique challenges to woodworking experts, and curved surfaces are a common issue.  Arched doorways, circle-top windows, and custom bar cabinets are great examples.  To fit molding for these areas, most wood craftsmen use sectional molding.  Some problems with sectional molding can include gaps, splitting, inconsistent appearance or color, and unsightly joint lines.

Years ago, Dean Loppnow, owner of D & D Millwork, created a process and patented a machine for creating custom one-piece moldings.  The rich quality and consistency of our curved molding is second-to-none.  Our curved molding solves these problems and create a breathtaking style unlike any other molding you've seen!

Here are some examples of the superb appearance that custom curved moldings can bring to your home.  Click on each picture for an enlarged view.

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Arched Doorway
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Circle Top Window
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Curved Cabinets

Our custom moldings have been used in some of the most exclusive homes in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Oconomowoc, Madison, and southeastern Wisconsin.  See our curved moldings for yourself in our showroom.  We know you won't be disappointed!

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