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Quality Custom Wood Products, Made in Wisconsin with Pride

For over a century, Wisconsin is known for its wood craftsmen and the superior engineering that goes into their products.  Dean Loppnow and his family are proud to carry on this tradition and pursue perfection in design, engineering and finished products.

To illustrate the fine work that goes into each and every creation, let's examine this beautifully crafted drawer and cabinet made by Dean and his team of professionals.  You can click on each photo to enlarge it for more detail.

The Anatomy of a Quality Wooden Drawer

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Joints are one of the tell-tale signs of quality.  Precision joints, created to exacting standards, will improve the longevity of your furniture.  For example, we use dovetail joints in drawer construction as it's the strongest joint possible - finger-joint drawers can easily pull apart.  Heating and air conditioning drastically change the moisure content of wood throughout the year, and the correct joint techniques will take this into account.  We know the strengths and weakness of all different species of wood and make sure that the correct joints are used for the right reasons.
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Solid Wood Construction
Most wood furniture and cabinets produced today, especially those in new home packages and available a large retail stores, are built to look great on the outside.  As with joints, the quality of the materials inside will determine the strength and durability of the product.  We use all solid wood materials throughout our creations, including sides, back panels and other interior parts not normally seen.  Because of this, we can stand behind out products and know that our customers won't be calling to complain about a drawer that fell apart.  We believe you deserve better than that!
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The Little Details
Some manufacturers and shops only care about the cost of materials and the time it takes for assemble their products.  Interior components are usually forgotten. What this usually means is that the interior components and workmanship are ignored. We take pride in every aspect of our work, inside and out, and are proud to show you how we take quality to a whole new level.  Finely-smoothed edges, slots that fit together perfectly and smooth gliding rails are just of the few of the aspects WE pay attention to on every job.

We encourage you to stop by our showroom and discover the true quality of wood products we can build for you.

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