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For nearly 30 years, D & D has set the standard in customer service and quality guarantees.  When you choose us for your project, you're assured of excellence in support and craftsmanship before, during and after the project.  From the best in materials and workmanship to service after the sale, we stand behind each and every project and don't rest until you're completely satisfied.

Here are just a few examples of how we've "gone the extra mile" for our customers.

Customer Wade Congdon came to us looking for all curved cabinets.  Every shop he visited resulted in disappointment - either the shop couldn't do the work or they told him that his request couldn't be done.  We made exactly what he wanted and turned him into believer in D & D!

More than once we've been called in to repair furniture that was abused by our customer's children.  Handles pulled off, cabinet doors swung from like Tarzan, drawers leaned on just a little too hard - we've seen it all!  We've replaced hinges, handles, slides and other hardware for nothing more than a friendly handshake.

Many customers have come to us with tight deadlines for graduation gifts, wedding gifts, parties and other special occasions.  We've often worked late into the night to meet the time demands of our projects.  We stake our family's reputation on meeting your timeline.

We've been asked to come to customers' homes to fix mistakes and problems left behind by our competitors.  Some woodworking companies just won't take the extra time to do the job right.  That's OK by us - we're happy to fix those problems and show you how true customer service and support is supposed to be done.

We recently received a thank you card in the mail from a client whose entertainment center and fireplace surround we completed and installed.  Shortly after we finished, they decided they wanted to change the design.  We took back the pieces and changed the design for them - free of charge.  The card read:

Dean, I can't thank you enough for being so accomodating and cooperative.  Few craftsmen would be so patient as you have been.  We want you to accept this gift certificate for your extra time and materials and, at the very least, a "tip" for "going the extra mile."  Your patience, kindness and integrity are remarkable.  Thank you, A customer from Oconomowoc, WI

Like all our past customers, you deserve the very best in customer satisfaction.  Call the true professionals - D & D Millwork - for your next project.  We know you won't be disappointed!

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