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Over 3 Decades of Professional Woodworking

D&D Millwork in Ixonia, Wisconsin is the premiere place for custom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, doors, stairways and all custom millwork. Nestled in among century-old pine trees on the family homestead in Ixonia lays one of southeast Wisconsin's best kept secrets, D & D Millwork, home of the most sought after custom made cabinetry, furniture, and millwork.  

Dean Loppnow had a dream thirty years ago, born out of his love for woodworking that would have him creating cabinets and furniture as unique to the furniture industry, as the people who would one day own it.  Loppnow's artistry was practiced within the confines of a 100 year old barn that he sectioned off to include a small work area, and an even smaller office. Demand for his custom furniture and millwork grew through the years as satisfied customers passed his name among friends and family, each one hoping to have Dean create for them an inner sanctum in their home that would be uniquely theirs.  

As his business grew through the years, so did his family. As a father of three, Loppnow has been joined in the business by his two sons, Dean and Chris. The collaborative talents of these artisans have builders clamoring for their custom cabinets, molding, and furniture to be incorporated into the designs of some of the most exclusive homes in southeastern Wisconsin. One of Dean's greatest accomplishments came in 1996, when he patented a curve molding machine which allows him to produce customized curved molding, creating some of the most unique designs in the building industry. 

Increased demands for Loppnow's innovative styles have required additional work space. Work was recently completed on a new shop that measures almost six times the area that he was accustomed to working in. The old shop remains as a reminder of how far he has come, and he welcomes the opportunity to work with you to make your dreams come true.  

We know wood, and we can make just about anything out of wood.  Our shop, tools and professional staff are ready to handle all jobs - no job is too big nor too small.  

Dean Loppnow
Dean Loppnow Jr.
Chris Loppnow
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