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Our Specialties

Quality Cabinetry, Flooring and More

For nearly 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to providing custom quality woodworking products to customers in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Madison as well as across Wisconsin and the Midwest.


Our core specialities include:

  • Custom cabinets and complete kitchens

  • Beautiful Hardwood floors

  • Raised panel doors

  • Molding

  • Ceilings

  • Stairways

But we don't stop there!  Sometimes, a kitchen, family room or dining room is missing that little extra "something" to make it complete. We also craft custom entertainment centers, lamps and furniture accents.  If you need something made of wood, chances are that we can create a beautiful piece that will fit into you decor.

Custom Curved Molding
Years ago, Dean Loppnow, owner of D & D Millwork, created a process and patented special equipment for the creation of custom curved molding.  This molding is superior in all ways to the common sectioned molding.

Many home interiors present unique challenges to woodworking experts, and curved surfaces are a common issue.  Arched doorways, circle-top windows, and custom bar cabinets are great examples.  To fit molding for these areas, most wood craftsmen use sectional molding.  Some problems with sectional molding can include gaps, splitting, inconsistent appearance or color, and unsightly joint lines.

Years ago, Dean Loppnow, owner of D & D Millwork, created a process and patented a machine for creating custom one-piece moldings.  The rich quality and consistency of our curved molding is second-to-none.  Beautifully crafted in our own shop, our curved molding is sure to add elegance and breathtaking style to your home.  

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