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Working with D & D Millwork for your next woodworking project is easy.  Whether you have very specific requirements or need some help fleshing out the details, we've created this page to stimulate your thoughts and ideas about your project.  Your answers to these questions will help us guide you through the entire process of turning your dreams into reality!

What would you like done?

Sometimes, this is the most difficult question to answer because the results are limited only by your imagination!  If you saw something in a magazine or in a friend's house, bring any pictures to our first meeting and we can use them as starting points for your project.

Do you have any floor plans or drawings?

Many customers have special requirements and work with us to fit cabinets, stairs and doors into spaces with unique architecture.  Others bring in their floor plans for their soon-to-be-completed new home and need help making their interior living space come alive with the natural beauty of wood.  Still others are working with an interior designer and have detailed specifications already in place.  Whether your home is new, historic, under renovation or still under construction, we can work right from your plans and drawings.

Need to match existing pieces?

Have one-of-a-kind or antique pieces that you'd like to match?  Not a problem... bring in the piece to our showroom or we'll come to your location to discuss how our wood products can compliment your most prized possessions.

Not sure where to start?

No problem... we have you covered!  We have photos from dozens of jobs we've done and can show you numerous samples of in-progress or completed works in our showroom and shop. We can draw up specs and designs, help you prepare your site for installation, choose colors and species of wood, and help you match your existing interior design elements.  Our helpful and experienced staff can help you with the entire project from start to finish. 

Can you provide a quote?

For all our projects, we'll gladly provide a quote for you that outlines the project requirements and scope, cost and timeline for completion.

Whether your project is for a small entertainment center or a complete interior renovation, we can walk you through all the details of the project before we get started.  Contact us today to help you get on the path to enhancing your home with the elegance and style of custom crafted woodwork!

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